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KC008 - Elmo Karjalainen - Unintelligent Designs

Elmo´s CD-album is a full length guitar extravaganza. Check it out - he is one serious (sometimes not so serious...) composer/player. You can listen to or even download one song for free: The song Chromatic Tuna can be found in the audio section of WWW.KCSOUNDFINLAND.COM or on the site WWW.ELMOJK.COM where you also will find other songs.
Audio samples HERE

1. Spark of Hope (2:57)
2. Headlight Violence (music by Elmo Karjalainen, Masi Hukari & Christer Karjalainen) (3:25)
3. Chromatic Tuna (4:33)
4. Lovely Spam (4:33)
5. The Promised Land of Roundabouts (4:12)
6. Home (arrangement by Elmo Karjalainen & Tuomas Yli-Kovero) (4:00)
7. The Feigning of Altruism (arrangement by Elmo Karjalainen & Tuomas Yli-Kovero) (3:44)
8. Jammy Jam (music & arrangement by Elmo Karjalainen & Janne Venho) (1:06)
9. The Voices in My Head (3:58)
10. Oneself as Another (9:44)
11. Sanna (5:36)n
12. Unintelligent Designs (4:11)
13. The Demise of a Karaoke Bar (arrangement by Elmo Karjalainen & Janne Venho) (4:02)
14. The Difficultist (7:20)
15. Tuire´s and Ville´s Wedding Waltz (4:05)
16. Until We Meet Again (5:31)

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The musicians: Elmo Karjalainen (all instruments, programming and human voices), except: Christer Karjalainen (percussion in Chromatic Tuna; drums in Sanna & Tuire´s and Ville´s Wedding Waltz); Janne Venho (drums in The Demise of a Karaoke Bar & Jammy Jam); Masi Hukari (1st guitar solo in Unintelligent Designs); Antti Härmä (2nd guitar solo in Unintelligent Designs); Tuomas Yli-Kovero (keyboards in The Feigning of Altruism & Home) The album´s music (all music & arrangements by Elmo Karjalainen, except as noted): one horn, trombone, tuba, horn arrangements), Gabriella Persson (vocals), Martti Toivari (piano, hammond, arrangements), Pekka Välimäki (soprano sax, tenor sax)


Reviews on Elmo Karjalainen´s "Unintelligent Designs". More can be found on

 Music Street Journal, 
Review by G. W. Hill: "The range of sounds on this set is pretty wide. We get things from fusion to Yngwie Malmsteen to King Crimson to Al Di Meola and even some heavy metal in the mix. Yet it’s all vital and powerful and cohesive. This is a strong disc".
The Ripple Effect: "On his new release, Unintelligent Designs, a sixteen track solo shot over the bow of the rock mothership, Elmo establishes himself as an elite world class rock guitar master. It is neither a metal album nor is it strictly a rock album. Rather, it is a guitar master course". After discussing the tracks, the review says "Unintelligent Designs is an Elmo coming out party of sorts. It begs you to listen and, if you do, if you listen critically, even if you are not a guitarist, you will come away impressed. I'm adding Elmo Karjalainen to my guitar Gods list, right up there with the 100 that made Rolling Stone's list".

PUREGRAINAUDIO 29.10.2012:The Skinny: Elmo Karjalainen is a masterful guitar player out of Finland who is just starting to make a name for himself internationally. In his home country he has won fame as one of the best rock guitarists, largely thanks to his work in the Finnish metal band Deathlike Silence. So far the band has recorded and released two records, VIGOR MORTIS and SATURDAY NIGHT EVIL, both of which were featured on the Finnish top 40 charts, peaking at number 39 and 21 respectively. 

As a solo artist, Elmo has just released his debut record titled Unintelligent Designs which has been a work in progress for quite some time. The record is now finally complete and features sixteen instrumental tunes in somewhat varying styles that complement each other well. Some of the tracks are energetic, featuring a lot of guitar shredding while others are laid back and melodic. Thrown in are some quirky moments and even a few laughs. Think John Petrucci meets Carlos Santana meets Joe Satriani. Check out a sample from the album called "Chromatic Tuna". 

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