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KC007 - Detroit IV

Blues Alive! said that this is one of the absolutely best blues albums to have been released in Finland in recent years. The band is led by Detroit-born Roland Wilson, who writes most of the material, and sings and plays the guitar. Elmo Karjalainen and Sasa Opacic are two guitar players who play special guest solos in one song. This is a full length physical CD.
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1. Our Friends (Roland Wilson) 5:16
2. Keep On Pushin´ (Roland Wilson) 3:11
3. Hard Luck Story (Kal David) 4:19
4. I´m Cutting Out (Roland Wilson) 3:44
5. One Way Out (Sonny Boy Williamson) 4:09
6. Help The Child (Music: Kari Salli - Lyrics: Roland Wilson) 5:22
7. I´m Crazy (Roland Wilson) 3:10
8. The Great University Of Hard Knocks (Roland Wilson) 5:01
9. I Want You Back (Roland Wilson) 3:56
10. Sugar Sweet (Mel London) 5:01
11. Blue Season (Roland Wilson) 4:08
11. Dream On (Swamp Dog Blues) (Roland Wilson) 4:05
11. I Wouldn´t Lay My Guitar Down (Eddy Clearwater) 4:05
11. 3. Hard Luck Story (Kal David) 4:19

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The musicians: Roland Wilson: vocals, guitar, harmonica Martti Toivari: keyboards Teijo Saarinen: bass Christer Karjalainen: drums Special Guests: Sasa Opacic and Elmo Karjalainen, guitars

Mr. Aimo Ollikainen of the Finnish Magazine Blues News recently reviewed the album Detroit IV. "This is the fourth record by the group Detroit, but the first to my ears. Most of the songs are their own, composed by the singer Roland Wilson, except for the slow and charming "Help The Child" -ballad, composed by Kari Salli, with lyrics by Roland. Roland Wilson is from Detroit as the band´s name says. Only tracks 5, 10 and 13 are borrowed goods. Of them, "One Way Out" is more familiar stuff. Sonny Boy Williamson´s song has received a slightly different interperetation, played with a rocking touch."
He also likes the guest solos by Sasa Opacic and Elmo Karjalainen in the last song "I Wouldn´t Lay My Guitar Down " (by Eddie Clearwater), not "One Way Out", as printed in the review.
"The songs composed by the evidently productive Roland Wilsonin are even in quality, the playing is stylistically varying". He also notes some slight jazz influences in a couple of songs.

We got a good review of our CD "Detroit IV" from the critic Jarmo Wallenius of the daily newspaper Turun Sanomat in Finland, dated Dec 10, 2011.The Headline reads "New blues is rolling out of Detroit and Raisio". He notes that our fourth album is not restricted to one style of music, but instead is that the band "has gone searching for the rainbow of roots music". The styles he mentions are swinging piano blues, heavy and "harpified" blues, rock & roll and finally rock with a 60´s pop feel. The album is considered to be "deliberately clear, and the new piano-organ player Martti Toivari, whose owns interests lie in classical music and jazz, puts a new icing on, and renews the traditional blues- and rhythm&blues sounds".

KAL DAVID, at present working in the band Kal David & The Real Thing, featuring Lauri Bono, says the following: "I just returned from 3 weeks on the road to find the CD in my mailbox. I played Hard Luck Story just now and I really like it. Thanks for recording my tune! I am looking forward to the rest of the CD. I will listen to it tonight". Kal's song Hard Luck Story is something we found on an album byILLINOIS SPEED PRESS, from the late 60's. A good song can always stand the test of time. This song was also featured on the most important nationwide blues show on radio in Finland. Thank you, mr. Esa "Blues Minister" Kuloniemi!

The Chief EDDY CLEARWATER and Renee Greenman say the following about the "Detroit IV" CD: "Eddy and I received your CD and listened to it numerous times. The CD is great, and Eddy's song was terrific. You and you band did a wonderful job expressing yourselves on Eddy's music. Thank you for recording it on your newest wonderful CD". And their comments on Roland Wilson's song writing: "You are quite a song writer!"

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